myLymeTest – At Home Lyme Disease Blood Test Kit


MyLymeTest is an at-home Lyme Disease blood test that provides test results within 10 days from a CLIA-certified lab. No doctors’ visit, prescription, or blood draw are needed.

Due to state laws myLymeTest cannot provide testing to residents of the states of NY, NJ, RI, MA or MD.

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Exposed To Lyme? COPPE Laboratory’s At Home Lyme Disease Blood Test Can Help.

The myLymeTest is an AT-HOME Lyme disease test collection kit designed to provide you with information about your exposure to Lyme disease.

While a TickCheck Tick Test can determine if a tick that bit you contains the bacteria that cause Lyme disease, a Lyme disease infection in humans is diagnosed with a blood test. Early detection and treatment helps prevent complications like Lyme arthritis and meningitis. All the test requires is a simple fingerstick and a few drops of blood.

How myLymeTest Works:

  1. Order a myLymeTest kit online
  2. Prick your finger with our sample collector
  3. Mail the sample to our CLIA-certified medical laboratory
  4. Get results sent directly to you within 10 days or less!

Certified Medical Laboratory • No Doctor Required • No Blood Draw Needed

The myLymeTest kit is easy to use from the comfort of your own home. The sample collection kit will arrive a few days after you order it online or by phone. One myLymeTest kit costs $149.99, which includes prepaid postage and laboratory testing fees. No doctor visits required, and no hidden costs!

Once the laboratory receives the sample, testing is performed and results are available in less than 10 business days!

Contents of the MyLymeTest Kit:
Finger Prick, Sample Container, Alcohol Swab & Bandage, Instructions, Sample Mailer

Blood testing is performed by COPPE Laboratories, a CLIA-certified medical laboratory in Waukesha, Wisconsin. COPPE Laboratories specializes in developing fast and accurate Lyme disease blood tests.

A positive result should prompt you to see your physician. Lyme disease is treatable. A negative result means that you have not formed the antibodies to the Lyme bacteria. Your negative result may also mean that it’s too early for antibody formation and careful monitoring for symptoms is warranted.

If you have questions about ordering myLymeTest, please call COPPE Laboratories at 1-844-774-5074. Laboratory staff is happy to answer any questions you have!

Order Your At-Home Lyme Disease Blood Test Kit Now!

MyLymeTest is a product of Coppe Laboratories, a CLIA-certified medical laboratory. W229N1870 Westwood Dr. Waukesha, WI 53186


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